Orlen Conferences

"Future Fuelled by Knowledge"

Future Fuelled by Knowledge, launched in 2010, is an original initiative by PKN ORLEN. Being the largest company in Central and Eastern Europe, we aim to initiate debate about certain fundamental issues, both economic and social, which are relevant to the continent. We believe fact-based discussion is the only valid means of finding solid, practical solutions. Our ambition as the region’s leading company, operating across four European markets, is to draw on our experience and potential and use these assets to maintain Poland’s position as a key partner to other EU member states.

As part of the Future Fuelled by Knowledge initiative, we organise conferences and panel discussions on various subjects, and publish comprehensive expert reports, which we prepare together with renowned research institutes. The programme’s first event was a conference entitled ‘1990–2010–2030: The State’s Share of the Market – the Market’s Share of the State. Experiences and Growth Prospects of the Polish and European Economies’. The anniversary of the deep market transformations that swept through Central and Eastern Europe 20 years ago was a perfect opportunity to reflect on how the relationship between the state and the market shapes the economy’s resistance to crisis and its future growth in decades to come.

In the six years of the Future Fuelled by Knowledge project so far, PKN ORLEN not only launched a number of its own initiatives, but also took part in the most important conferences in Poland. Our panel discussions and reports became a regular feature of many events, including the Economic Forum in Krynica, the European Forum for New Ideas and the European Financial Congress in Sopot. The debates attracted renowned experts and businessmen from around the world, who had the opportunity to discuss certain crucial, strategic issues, such as the effect of EU legislation on the economy and innovativeness of the member states, the future of the European social model, and the significance of unconventional gas production to Poland’s future growth. Other subjects under analysis included the trilateral relations between Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany, as well as possible scenarios for the European and Polish energy sectors in view of the growing interest in renewable energy. To date, we have published 8 volumes in the Future Fuelled by Knowledge series, each of which not only offers a comprehensive and exhaustive take on a given subject, but also, as the experience of previous years demonstrates, inspires intensive public debate.

Future Fuelled by Knowledge is a long-term initiative geared towards fuelling public debate on a regular basis. Drawing on its established position and widely-recognised brand, PKN ORLEN intends to organise further projects to continue asking difficult questions, always searching for concrete answers and comprehensive solutions.